• Catch the Buzz @ The Straz on November 13

    Catch the Buzz @ The Straz on November 13

    The 7th Annual Sustainable Buzz celebrates sustainability in Tampa Bay by featuring the best of our quality of life, including local food, drink, and music. Buy your tickets here!

  • Sustany: For Tampa Bay's Future

    Sustany: For Tampa Bay's Future

    The Sustany Foundation enhances the quality of life of the Tampa Bay community by promoting sustainability.

  • Sea Turtle Secretariat

    Sea Turtle Secretariat

    Sustany supports initiatives like the bid to host the International Sea Turtle Treaty Headquarters here in Tampa Bay!

  • Sustainable Business Program

    Sustainable Business Program

    Sustany operates the Green Business Designation Program for the City of Tampa. We work with companies to audit, improve, and celebrate the sustainable practices of their operations.

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  • Mini Grants for Many Groups

    Mini Grants for Many Groups

    Sustany gives mini grants to help launch projects focused on sustainability and community development.

  • Help Build A Sustainable Community

    Help Build A Sustainable Community

    Join the Sustainable Buzz Committee, help with a clean up or participate other Sustany volunteer activities.

  • Sustany Tumblers

    Sustany Tumblers

    Start a lively conversation and support your favorite local foundation with a dozen Sustany tumblers. Click here!

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26 Inside TentThe 7th Annual Sustainable Buzz
November 13, 2014 at the Straz Center Riverwalk
Purchase your tickets here!

Download the Sustany Buzz Sponsor Packet
Download the Sustany Buzz Vendor Packet

Every year Sustany has an event that brings together people who are interested in good food, fine wines, craft beers … oh, and sustainability issues!

This year the party is bigger than ever with more vendors, community farms bringing fresh produce, VIP treats and food inspired by our Locavore Campaign. Attendees sample the best in chef inspired cuisine with local farm ingredients, fresh brewed Bay area craft beer, and wine tastings.

We are also bringing back the talented Chris Cox band and Prints Charming Photo Booth for fun and entertainment.



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Sustany Programs

Sustainable Buzz
Sustainable Buzz
On Nov. 13, 2014  attend the 7th Annual  Sustainable Buzz.
Check out photos from the 2013 Buzz.

ThinkSustany Blog
Every week ThinkSustany bloggers bring us the latest local news and sustainability features from around the world.

Sustainable Business Program
Sustany and the City of Tampa work with businesses to audit, improve, and celebrate the sustainable practices of their operations.

Sustany funds projects and organizations promoting sustainability in Tampa Bay, such as student field trips to Nature’s Academy.


The Latest News from ThinkSustany Blog

    The Art of Ecology Series

    The Straz Center will present its 2015 Eco Performance Series with help from a Sustany mini-grant. The mini-grant will support performances by three different National Geographic explorer-speakers and a school field trip series performance of “Steve Trash: Rockin’ Eco Hero”.  Steve Trash will give educational performances featuring lessons in ecology.

    The goals of the Eco Performance Series are to provide educational programming that will help to spark needed conversation about planetary stewardship, sustainability, recycling, and other issues as well as to provide access to this programming to underserved Tampa Bay children and families.

    The Eco Performance Series will run from January 2015- May 2015 and will feature speakers such as Steve Winter, Carsten Peter, and Jim Richardson.

    For more information about Sustany mini-grants click here.

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    Building a Garden and a Community – Join the Tampa Eden Project!

    by Alison Lueders, Great Green Content

    The Sustany Foundation has approved a mini-grant for the Tampa Eden Project (TEP). The $500 grant will enable TEP to  partner with The Well –  programs run by a non-profit called the Underground – to build a vegetable garden at the Well’s new location on Florida Avenue.

    Both organizations provide fresh food and other supplies to the poor. The new vegetable garden will be used to train people to grow their own food, as well as providing free, fresh, and local food to guests at The Well. The raised garden bed will have a micro-irrigation system that optimizes water consumption.

    The Tampa Eden Project teaches people to grow their own food.

    The Tampa Eden Project teaches people to grow their own food.

    What’s growing?

    The new garden will be built and planted soon, so TEP will be planting fall crops.  These include cucumbers, pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes, beans, and squashes, to name just a few.  Every season they will re-do the beds with help from volunteers in the community.

    Save the Dates!

    Everyone can get in on the action. The garden installation day is set for the month of September.  Natalia Dengler, Director of TEP says, “We would love the greater community to join ours at the Well during the garden installation and workdays.”  Contact her at 813-340-6942  or at nataliabair@gmail.com or edenprojecttampa@gmail.com). Also “Like”  the Well or Tampa Eden Project on Facebook to keep up with the latest events.

    The project is open to everyone. Natalia says, “We love to have people from all backgrounds work together for a common cause, and gardening is a good one for interaction and bonding.  People should contact me to set up a volunteering time.”

    Gardening is great for interaction and bonding.

    Gardening is great for interaction and bonding.

    A Perfect Match

    The Sustany Foundation has long supported efforts to increase awareness of and access to fresh, healthy and local foods. Indeed, the theme for last year’s Sustainable Buzz was “Farm-to-Table.” So the Tampa Eden Project aligns perfectly with Sustany’s commitment to fresh, healthy food for all.

    For more information about the Tampa Eden project, contact Natalia Dengler at 813-340-6942 (nataliabair@gmail.com or edenprojecttampa@gmail.com).

    For more information about mini-grants from the Sustany Foundation, click here.

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    Sustany Sustainable Businesses Featured on Fox 13

    Good Day Tampa Bay host Lindsay Milbourne featured two Sustany Sustainable Business Program restaurants on Fox 13 this week.  Eric Weinstein at Zudars and Sing Xuan Hurt at Anise Global Gastrobar showcased their sustainable business operations.

    Click here to watch the clip at Fox News


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    The Economist Weighs "The Cost of Doing Nothing"

    From The Economist:

    [It was] the hottest May ever, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The world’s average surface temperature was 0.74°C above its 20th-century average. Alaska was almost 2°C above its 1971-2000 level.

    The heat has brought American business out in a rash. Two weeks after President Barack Obama proposed new rules ordering power stations to cut carbon emissions, the bosses of several big firms (including Coca-Cola and General Mills) demanded that other governments get on with it and negotiate a treaty on greenhouse gases. Now Michael Bloomberg, a former New York mayor, and several other gazillionaires—including three former Treasury secretaries—have come up with new forecasts of the economic damage that climate change might do. Their study is notable for its wealth of detail and for concentrating on things you can see.

    Read the rest here.

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