• Sustany: For Tampa Bay's Future

    Sustany: For Tampa Bay's Future

    The Sustany Foundation enhances the quality of life of the Tampa Bay community by promoting sustainability.

  • Sustainable Business Awards

    Sustainable Business Awards

    Nominate a non-profit organization for the 7th Annual Sustainable Business Awards. Click here.

  • Sea Turtle Secretariat

    Sea Turtle Secretariat

    Sustany supports initiatives like the bid to host the International Sea Turtle Treaty Headquarters here in Tampa Bay!

  • Sustainable Business Program

    Sustainable Business Program

    Sustany operates the Green Business Designation Program for the City of Tampa. We work with companies to audit, improve, and celebrate the sustainable practices of their operations.

  • Mini Grants for Many Groups

    Mini Grants for Many Groups

    Sustany gives mini grants to help launch projects focused on sustainability and community development.

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    Sustany Tumblers

    Start a lively conversation and support your favorite local foundation with a dozen Sustany tumblers. Click here!

  • Help Build A Sustainable Community

    Help Build A Sustainable Community

    Join the Sustainable Buzz Committee, help with a clean up or participate other Sustany volunteer activities.

  • The Sustainable Buzz

    The Sustainable Buzz

    Sample local foods, craft beer and wine at our annual event.

62-2279b08f7th Annual Sustainable Business Awards

The 2015 Sustainable Business Awards will be  held at the University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center.

Nominate  a Non-Profit Organization. Click here for details.



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Sustainable Buzz
Sustainable Buzz
On Nov. 13, 2014  attend the 7th Annual  Sustainable Buzz.
Check out photos from the 2014 Buzz.

ThinkSustany Blog
Every week ThinkSustany bloggers bring us the latest local news and sustainability features from around the world.

Sustainable Business Program
Sustany and the City of Tampa work with businesses to audit, improve, and celebrate the sustainable practices of their operations.

Sustany funds projects and organizations promoting sustainability in Tampa Bay, such as student field trips to Nature’s Academy.


The Latest News from ThinkSustany Blog

    10 Tips for Enjoying a Sustainable Spring

    by Alison Lueders, Great Green Content

    Spring has arrived, and with it the chance to enjoy the outdoors, shake off those winter blahs, and get moving! While Tampa Bay has not endured the less-than-wonderful winter weather of our northern neighbors, we’re ready for warmer temperatures and longer days.

    Sustany has many tips for a sustainable spring.

    Sustany has many tips for a sustainable spring.

    Happily, it’s easy to bake sustainable actions into your spring activities. Here are 10 tips for enjoying a sustainable spring:


    1. Plant vegetables – plant your own veggies for ultra-fresh and pesticide-free food. The latest list of the “Dirty Dozen” fruits and vegetables from the Environmental Working Group identifies everything from spinach to bell peppers as having the most pesticide residue - even after you wash them. So plant some of your own without pesticide and focus on eating the “Clean Fifteen,” including cantaloupe and sweet potatoes.
    2. Plant flowers – Spring flowers are a cheery accent. Your flowers can do double-duty as food for bees. Bees have been stressed in recent years by Colony Collapse Disorder and also just the loss of habitat. Plants like milkweed, asters and many more can help our bees survive.
    3. Plant native plants – which need less water and are better able to survive Florida’s tough heat. The Florida Native Plant Society can help you find the perfect plants for your yard from the thousands available.


    Spring cleaning

    1. Use non-toxic cleaning products. Vinegar, water and baking soda can handle most daily cleaning needs. Use natural fiber sponges and cleaning agents that are biodegradable, phosphate-free, chlorine-free, and unscented.
    2. Reduce paper use. Use rags instead of paper towels and wash them for reuse. Buy post-consumer recycled paper and recycle it when you're done.
    3. Repair instead of replace. Spring is wonderful time for a fresh start. But think twice before you throw out that perfectly good pair of shoes or piece of clothing from “last season.” The longer you use an item, the less virgin materials are needed to replace it.


     Lawn care

    1. Minimize lawn care impacts. A lawn has significant environmental impacts. All that watering, fertilizing, mowing and pest control exact a toll on the planet. So minimize how much of your yard is devoted to lawn. And consider a smart device like the Smart Garden Hub, which can help save up to 50% of the water you sprinkle on a lawn.


    Outdoor recreation

    1. Play with the kids. It’s a chance to teach them the basics about sustainability while enjoying the great outdoors together. Whether you love to hike, bike or go boating, Tampa Bay offers beautiful surroundings in which to have “the talk” – about sustainable behaviors. Most kids love to get involved in everything from recycling to trash pick-up to gardening.


    Keeping up the good work

    1. Add one new sustainable habit. If you’re already recycling, conserving water, and managing your heating and AC for energy efficiency - good for you!  Consider adding one new habit for yourself or your family this spring, and see if you can bake it into your regular routine. Sustainable habits don’t need to be disruptive and small changes add up!


    1. Did you know that for the first time, in 2014 the world economy grew while greenhouse gas emissions stayed flat? Breaking the link between economic growth and greenhouse gas emissions has been a long-sought goal, because it shows that a strong economy and a sustainable economy can be one and the same.


    Bonus tip:

    1. Make your plans now for Earth Day in April! The official day is April 22, but many organizations use the whole month of April to sponsor green fairs, eco-fests and other events to both educate and inspire people about sustainable living. Need ideas? Sustany can help!
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    Tiny Bubbles Could Save the Planet

    Dave shares this from Bloomburg.

    There are two ways to cut down on our greenhouse-gas emissions: Reduce the amount we make or limit how much of what we make actually gets into the atmosphere.  It’s the second solution that researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory want to tackle with cute caviar-sized bubbles that can absorb carbon dioxide. The polymer bubbles are filled with the entirely pedestrian ingredient of baking soda, long known to absorb carbon dioxide, but it’s the bubbles themselves that are the breakthrough. They’re permeable, which means that CO2 gets trapped and absorbed by the baking soda solution inside them. In theory, you could affix the bubbles to the inside of a power plant smokestack and trap the CO2 before it is released into the atmosphere.

    Photographer: Alan Jeffries/Bloomberg


    They’re also reusable. The CO2 can be released again by heating the bubbles in a sealed container. The released CO2 can be kept in tanks or safely pumped back underground while the bubbles can go back into the smokestack and start their world-saving job all over again.

    Bloomberg’s profile of Lawrence Livermore’s carbon-capturing technology is the latest installment of The Spark, which looks at innovators finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

    See a video here.

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    The Sustany Foundation Announces New Executive Director

    Sustany Executive Director Jennifer Silva

    Sustany Executive Director Jennifer Silva

    TAMPA, FL - The Sustany Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the Tampa Bay community by promoting sustainability, has announced the selection of Jennifer Silva as its new executive director. Silva will take on leadership of the Sustany Foundation as the organization looks to grow and increase its impact in the region.
    “Jennifer brings a wealth of experience working in the non-profit field in important strategic capacities, and our board is excited about the skill sets she brings to the role,” says David H. Reed, President of The Sustany Foundation and President of Shepard Capital Partners, LLC.
    Silva comes to the Sustany Foundation with 18 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector as a manager, fundraiser and communications professional. She is a Florida native and earned her BA in Humanities from the University of South Florida. Silva previously served as Managing Director of the Sarasota Film Festival, Executive Director for Clothes To Kids in Pinellas County, and Development Director for Tampa Bay Watch.
    “I look forward to putting my experience to work at the Sustany Foundation, supporting a mission with the ultimate goal of a better quality of life for everyone in the Tampa Bay community and beyond,” says Silva. “The Sustany Foundation’s Board and supporters are passionate about all facets of sustainability and I am thrilled to be joining the dedicated Sustany team.”
    About the Sustany Foundation: Founded in 2007, the Sustany Foundation supports sustainability through education and programs which advance economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. They strive to be the leading facilitator of sustainability through efficient and effective aggregation and investment of resources for Tampa Bay’s citizens today and into the future.

    Q&A With Sustany's New Executive Director Jennifer Silva

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    Students Serve as Sustainability Consultants for Straz Center

    Feb 11, 2015, From Patel College of Global Sustainability:


    The Sustany Sustainable Business Program was developed by the Sustany Foundation in 2012 to help local businesses realize the value of adopting sustainable business practices.

    On January 28th, 2015, students from the USF Patel College of Global Sustainability and USF School of Geosciences started the first leg of a 12-week internship to assess sustainability practices at the Straz Center as part of the Sustany Sustainable Business Program (SSBP).

    The SSBP, established by the Sustany Foundation in 2012, was developed to help local businesses realize the value of adopting sustainable business practices while concurrently allowing college students to gain real world experience as sustainable consultants.

    In 2014, the SSBP matched student sustainability specialists with a single organization, leading 10 businesses in the Tampa Downtown Partnership district to be designated as City of Tampa Green Businesses. This year, the format has altered slightly to allow nine students to work together in teams in order to assist a single, large organization.

    The Straz Center, the second largest performing arts complex in the southeastern region, was selected in order to further sustainably-focused research specific to high-traffic venues such as energy efficiency, waste management, environmental impact, and understanding the supporting data.

    Janet Hall, founder of Hall Sustainability Consulting LLC and member of the Sustany Foundation Board of Directors, led the internship orientation.

    “I am excited to be able to work with another group of amazing students from USF, and provide them with real-world work experience in sustainable business practices,” said Janet Hall. “We’ll not only be looking at the challenges inherent to a high traffic venue, like the physical design of the building, lighting aesthetics and waste management, but also how to communicate this community-wide in order to have a positive impact on everyone who engages with The Straz. A Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) will be written that includes the economic, environmental and social impact of student-recommended suggestions for creating a Sustainable Straz.”

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