• Sustany: For Tampa Bay's Future

    Sustany: For Tampa Bay's Future

    The Sustany Foundation enhances the quality of life of the Tampa Bay community by promoting sustainability.

  • Sustainable Business Awards

    Sustainable Business Awards

    Nominate an organization for the 7th Annual Sustainable Business Awards. Click here.

  • Sea Turtle Secretariat

    Sea Turtle Secretariat

    Sustany supports initiatives like the bid to host the International Sea Turtle Treaty Headquarters here in Tampa Bay!

  • Sustainable Business Program

    Sustainable Business Program

    Sustany operates the Green Business Designation Program for the City of Tampa. We work with companies to audit, improve, and celebrate the sustainable practices of their operations.

  • Mini Grants for Many Groups

    Mini Grants for Many Groups

    Sustany gives mini grants to help launch projects focused on sustainability and community development.

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    Sustany Tumblers

    Start a lively conversation and support your favorite local foundation with a dozen Sustany tumblers. Click here!

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    Help Build A Sustainable Community

    Join the Sustainable Buzz Committee, help with a clean up or participate other Sustany volunteer activities.

  • The Sustainable Buzz

    The Sustainable Buzz

    Sample local foods, craft beer and wine at our annual event.

62-2279b08f7th Annual Sustainable Business Awards

The 2015 Sustainable Business Awards luncheon will be held on  Wednesday  June 10th at the University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center 9th floor from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM  Click here for details.

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Sustainable Buzz
Sustainable Buzz
Attend the 8th Annual  Sustainable Buzz.
Check out photos from the 2014 Buzz.

ThinkSustany Blog
Every week ThinkSustany bloggers bring us the latest local news and sustainability features from around the world.

Sustainable Business Program
Sustany and the City of Tampa work with businesses to audit, improve, and celebrate the sustainable practices of their operations.

Sustany funds projects and organizations promoting sustainability in Tampa Bay, such as student field trips to Nature’s Academy.


The Latest News from ThinkSustany Blog

    "First We Eat" Food Truck At Earth Day Celebration

    First We Eat offers delicious, local foods.

    First We Eat offers delicious, local foods.

    by Santosh Mathew

    Earth week and Earth Day are always interesting challenges.  While most people say they want to help save the environment, many find that making the necessary changes is hard.  So how do you take advantage of the attention around Earth Day? What will draw another person into the path of sustainability? Passion. Passion is simply the word that describes one’s bubbling up enough desire to act.

    Expressing a passion for sustainability - through food

    Two young men in Tampa Bay are showing their passion around sustainability by creating awareness through food. These two friends have nearly 20 years combined experience in professional kitchens. Their business, “First We Eat,” is an “emulsification” of love of food, friends, and farm-to-table concepts.  They really walk the walk, or on some days, drive their Food Truck.  By providing a “farm-to-table” sustainable offering in a nice mobile package, First We Eat  strives to break down barriers and make more people aware of the sustainability impacts of food.

    Bryan Gallagher began in Tampa as the Sous Chef for Eddie DeBartolo’s restaurant, Tomatina. He then became Sous Chef for Grille One Sixteen, developing their menu and opening their original store. After more time as the Executive Sous Chef at Jackson's Bistro, he ultimately returned to Grille One Sixteen as the Executive Chef.

    Nick Papalos has been in the culinary industry for several years after making the decision to leave his financial advisory position. Like many of us, he found something missing from his desk job and took a leap of faith. He instantly fell in love with the fast-paced, team-oriented creativity that oozed from every inch of the kitchen!

    Together, Nick and Bryan’s culinary backgrounds span Japanese, Spanish, Classic Italian, French, and Contemporary American cuisines. But it is their choices in sourcing and business relationships that make them really stand out. “We strongly believe that good food begins at home from the ground up. We support and encourage local, humane, and natural treatments of all food. We also believe in having personal relationships with everyone we do business with. It is more than the food and more than the living we make. It is the very life we live,” says Bryan.

    Nick and Bryan have also been involved as volunteers with the Sustany Foundation.  They were featured Chef’s in the VIP section of Sustany’s annual Tampa Bay sustainable awareness event, “The Buzz” and are constantly looking to promote sustainability in the Tampa Bay area.

    Partake at First We Eat Food Truck tomorrow!

    First We Eat can be seen at many of your local Tampa Bay area food truck rallies. Most notably, they will be in Oldsmar on April 23, 2015 at the Nielsen Global Technology and Innovation Center. They are partnering with the campus Green Team to be part of their Earth Week campaign. They will be serving sustainable foods and farm-to-table ingredients from local farms from their Food Truck. For more information about First We Eat, please visit their website.

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    Four Fantastic Events to Celebrate Earth Day!

    by Alison Lueders, Great Green Content

    Ah, April! For the folks at Sustany it’s a favorite month because “Earth Day” – on April 22 - really lasts all month.  It’s hard to believe it’s the 45th anniversary of this global celebration of our home planet. And Tampa Bay has plenty going on to mark the occasion.

    April 22 is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.

    April 22 is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.

    Check out the four events below and join Sustany for food, fun and information.

    Wednesday, April 15:

    • Hillsborough Community College Beyond Sustainability Showcase:  The Showcase is held in the Student Services Building on the HCC Ybor City Campus, Room YSSB 307-308. 1320 E. Palm Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605. 2:30 – 8 pm. This event brings HCC students and members of the public together to share information about how to make their daily lives more sustainable. “Sustainability” is a word frequently used today, but many people don’t know how each of us can contribute to improving our world. The event will demonstrate how the ways we use water, energy, and chemicals at home dramatically affects our environment. The showcase will also highlight actions that students and staff at HCC have taken in their lives to safeguard the environment.  Admission is free.


    Saturday, April 18

    • EcoFest 2015:  This event has grown so popular that it is no longer held at the Learning Gate school campus. This year it’s being held at the Lowry Park band shell area. And with sponsors including the Patel School of Global Sustainability and the Sustany Foundation, it will be bigger and better than ever. This event celebrates the many businesses, organizations, and individuals in the Tampa Bay area dedicated to the principles of sustainability – Ecology, Equity and Economy. The 6th Annual EcoFest will be held at 7525 N. Boulevard, Tampa, Florida 33604. The event will be open to the public from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. Admission  is free.


    Tuesday, April 21:

    • Hillsborough Community College Earth Day Event. This year’s event takes place from 10 am – 2 pm at 4001 W Tampa Bay Blvd in Tampa. Sustany will have a booth there, along with other local community organizations. This event is for faculty and students of HCC.


    Wednesday, April 22:

    • University of Tampa Earth Day event. The SEAC (Student Environmental Action Coalition) at UT is hosting their Earth Day Event from 11 am to 3 pm. There will be tables around the main courtyard on campus, where different student organizations will share their sustainable activities. The Sustany Foundation will be there to talk to students about Sustany’s programs within the Tampa Bay community.


    We hope to see you there!

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    7th Annual Sustainable Business Awards June 10, 2015

    TAMPA, FL -- The Sustainable Business Coalition of Tampa Bay, Inc. and the University of Tampa Center for Ethics announced today that the annual Sustainable Business Awards will be held on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at the University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center.  Now in their 7th year, the Sustainable Business Awards, sponsored by the Sustany Foundation, recognize and honor for-profit businesses in the Tampa Bay Area that engage in practices that increase economic opportunities and improve the environment and community.

    The nomination process is open for the upcoming Sustainable Business Awards.  The deadline to nominate a business is Friday, April 24.

    “The term sustainability means different things to different people.  Generally, in the business context, the notion of sustainability focuses on achieving positive results in consideration of people, planet and profit.  Those interests are intertwined.  The development and adoption of best practices with sustainability in mind makes for good business.  And as businesses take that approach new talent, new investment and new jobs are drawn to the area.  Accordingly, when we bring favorable attention to business leaders who have embraced sustainability -- who are doing not just the right thing but the smart thing – and collaborate for continued innovation in sustainability, we are helping build a better, more attractive community,” stated Andrew McIntosh, chairman of the Sustainable Business Coalition (SBC) and partner with the law firm Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP. The SBC, working in concert with University of Tampa Center for Ethics and now also with The Sustany Foundation, recognizes ‘sustainable businesses’ in Tampa Bay.  “Through the SBC, we have established and continue to develop a platform through which businesses can be recognized and share best practices with other sustainability-minded leaders,” added McIntosh.

    The criteria for a Sustainable Business Award are:

    •  A company that strives to be a good citizen of the Tampa Bay community through programs to improve work environment, employee benefits, community infrastructure, and charitable outreach programs.
    • A company with economic performance that contributes to the overall economic health of Tampa Bay through local hiring or purchasing, product/service innovation based on customer needs, employment growth and reinvestment.
    • A company that is engaged in contributing to the environmental health of the Tampa Bay area through programs to reduce waste, energy audits, recycling, reduction of the use of toxic substances in operations and/or LEED construction.

    "It was a humbling experience to be recognized as a sustainable business award winner. We continue to make progress daily in every decision as it relates to being efficient. Our people are the lifeline, our planet is important to nurture and our profit is the reward for doing the right thing. Triad Cleaning Solutions serves its clients in the auto dealership industry, healthcare field and commercial office building space with a sustainable mindset for the long term,” shared Andrew Schaberg, GM of Triad and 2014 award winner.

    “We reach deep into the community to recognize and connect the leaders in sustainability.  It is our passion and goal to serve as the foremost organization in the Tampa Bay Region for business leaders who embrace the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet and Profit,” said Herb Goetschius, Chair of the Sustainable Business Awards and SBC Board Member.

    If your company or a company you know strives to be good corporate citizens, they may be eligible for the distinction of a sustainable business award in Tampa Bay, please contact us for further details and a nomination form.  The University of Tampa team of business students will conduct interviews and assist in completing the nomination and selection process.

    About the Sustainable Business Coalition: The mission of the Sustainable Business Coalition of Tampa, Inc. is to support development of a sustainable economy in the Tampa Bay area by promoting and educating businesses about sustainable business practices that align profitability with environmental and social responsibility for the advancement of People, Planet & Profit. www.sbctampa.org

    About the University of Tampa Center for Ethics:  The mission of the Center for Ethics is to provide educational and professional resources to promote ethical systems and individual responsibility in the academic and greater business community through close interaction with the University. www.ut.edu/centerforethics/

    About the Sustany Foundation: Founded in 2007, Sustany supports sustainability through education and programs which advance economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. They strive to be the leading facilitator of sustainability through efficient and effective aggregation and investment of resources for Tampa Bay’s citizens today and into the future.  www.sustany.org



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    10 Tips for Enjoying a Sustainable Spring

    by Alison Lueders, Great Green Content

    Spring has arrived, and with it the chance to enjoy the outdoors, shake off those winter blahs, and get moving! While Tampa Bay has not endured the less-than-wonderful winter weather of our northern neighbors, we’re ready for warmer temperatures and longer days.

    Sustany has many tips for a sustainable spring.

    Sustany has many tips for a sustainable spring.

    Happily, it’s easy to bake sustainable actions into your spring activities. Here are 10 tips for enjoying a sustainable spring:


    1. Plant vegetables – plant your own veggies for ultra-fresh and pesticide-free food. The latest list of the “Dirty Dozen” fruits and vegetables from the Environmental Working Group identifies everything from spinach to bell peppers as having the most pesticide residue - even after you wash them. So plant some of your own without pesticide and focus on eating the “Clean Fifteen,” including cantaloupe and sweet potatoes.
    2. Plant flowers – Spring flowers are a cheery accent. Your flowers can do double-duty as food for bees. Bees have been stressed in recent years by Colony Collapse Disorder and also just the loss of habitat. Plants like milkweed, asters and many more can help our bees survive.
    3. Plant native plants – which need less water and are better able to survive Florida’s tough heat. The Florida Native Plant Society can help you find the perfect plants for your yard from the thousands available.


    Spring cleaning

    1. Use non-toxic cleaning products. Vinegar, water and baking soda can handle most daily cleaning needs. Use natural fiber sponges and cleaning agents that are biodegradable, phosphate-free, chlorine-free, and unscented.
    2. Reduce paper use. Use rags instead of paper towels and wash them for reuse. Buy post-consumer recycled paper and recycle it when you're done.
    3. Repair instead of replace. Spring is wonderful time for a fresh start. But think twice before you throw out that perfectly good pair of shoes or piece of clothing from “last season.” The longer you use an item, the less virgin materials are needed to replace it.


     Lawn care

    1. Minimize lawn care impacts. A lawn has significant environmental impacts. All that watering, fertilizing, mowing and pest control exact a toll on the planet. So minimize how much of your yard is devoted to lawn. And consider a smart device like the Smart Garden Hub, which can help save up to 50% of the water you sprinkle on a lawn.


    Outdoor recreation

    1. Play with the kids. It’s a chance to teach them the basics about sustainability while enjoying the great outdoors together. Whether you love to hike, bike or go boating, Tampa Bay offers beautiful surroundings in which to have “the talk” – about sustainable behaviors. Most kids love to get involved in everything from recycling to trash pick-up to gardening.


    Keeping up the good work

    1. Add one new sustainable habit. If you’re already recycling, conserving water, and managing your heating and AC for energy efficiency - good for you!  Consider adding one new habit for yourself or your family this spring, and see if you can bake it into your regular routine. Sustainable habits don’t need to be disruptive and small changes add up!


    1. Did you know that for the first time, in 2014 the world economy grew while greenhouse gas emissions stayed flat? Breaking the link between economic growth and greenhouse gas emissions has been a long-sought goal, because it shows that a strong economy and a sustainable economy can be one and the same.


    Bonus tip:

    1. Make your plans now for Earth Day in April! The official day is April 22, but many organizations use the whole month of April to sponsor green fairs, eco-fests and other events to both educate and inspire people about sustainable living. Need ideas? Sustany can help!
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