Internships and Green Papers

The Sustany® Foundation routinely seeks interns for initiatives in support of our mission. Focus areas for interns have included program outreach, fund development, and legal issues.

The Sustany® Foundation Legal Internship Program

In the past, the Sustany® Foundation has hosted internship opportunities for law students participating in the Stetson Law School Environmental Law Program, administered by Professor Roy Gardner. For a semester, a qualified law student works directly with The Sustany® Foundation Board of Directors, participates in Board meetings, assists with Sustany®’s programs and initiatives. The legal intern researches and drafts a “Green Paper” on a topic pertinent to Sustany®’s mission and the Tampa Bay community.  Working with a Sustany® Board member, the intern researches, selects, and develops a topic relating to sustainability, the law and the community. The intern is required to finalize their ‘Green Paper” prior to completing their internship.  If you are interested in becoming an intern with the Sustany® Foundation contact Jennifer Silva.

Green Papers