2012 Letter From the Board

The 4th Annual Sustainable Buzz on November 17, 2011 was the biggest and best Buzz yet! The attendance goal of 200 guests was exceeded the venue was spectacular, and the food and entertainment was superb! Furthermore, the event was a financial success due to the generous support of our sponsors enabling Sustany® to continue promoting sustainability in Tampa Bay in 2012.

After four years, The Sustany® Foundation continues to grow and advance its mission of improving quality of life in the Tampa Bay area through education and promotion of sustainable practices. In 2011, Sustany® continued to develop important initiatives and partnerships such as the Tampa Green Business Designation Program, the Evergreen Schools Alliance and YMCA summer camps, while launching new ones such as adoption of the Seaplane Basin Park and partnership with the Straz Center. Thanks to the hard work of the Board and volunteers and the help of supporters like you, Sustany® continues to make a difference in people’s understanding of and involvement in what it means to be ‘sustainable.’

Everyone at the Sustany® Foundation is looking forward to more hard work in 2012 as we continue to grow in scope and influence. We expect to culminate the year with the 5th Annual Sustainable Buzz next fall and intend to out-do ourselves again; please keep it in your plans. And for those of unable to attend the 2011 Buzz, we look forward to seeing you next year!

Thank you for your generous support of our efforts.