7th Annual Sustainable Business Awards June 10, 2015

TAMPA, FL — The Sustainable Business Coalition of Tampa Bay, Inc. and the University of Tampa Center for Ethics announced today that the annual Sustainable Business Awards will be held on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at the University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center.  Now in their 7th year, the Sustainable Business Awards, sponsored by the Sustany® Foundation, recognize and honor for-profit businesses in the Tampa Bay Area that engage in practices that increase economic opportunities and improve the environment and community.

“The term sustainability means different things to different people.  Generally, in the business context, the notion of sustainability focuses on achieving positive results in consideration of people, planet and profit.  Those interests are intertwined.  The development and adoption of best practices with sustainability in mind makes for good business.  And as businesses take that approach new talent, new investment and new jobs are drawn to the area.  Accordingly, when we bring favorable attention to business leaders who have embraced sustainability — who are doing not just the right thing but the smart thing – and collaborate for continued innovation in sustainability, we are helping build a better, more attractive community,” stated Andrew McIntosh, chairman of the Sustainable Business Coalition (SBC) and partner with the law firm Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP. The SBC, working in concert with University of Tampa Center for Ethics and now also with The Sustany® Foundation, recognizes ‘sustainable businesses’ in Tampa Bay.  “Through the SBC, we have established and continue to develop a platform through which businesses can be recognized and share best practices with other sustainability-minded leaders,” added McIntosh.

The criteria for a Sustainable Business Award are:

  •  A company that strives to be a good citizen of the Tampa Bay community through programs to improve work environment, employee benefits, community infrastructure, and charitable outreach programs.
  • A company with economic performance that contributes to the overall economic health of Tampa Bay through local hiring or purchasing, product/service innovation based on customer needs, employment growth and reinvestment.
  • A company that is engaged in contributing to the environmental health of the Tampa Bay area through programs to reduce waste, energy audits, recycling, reduction of the use of toxic substances in operations and/or LEED construction.

“It was a humbling experience to be recognized as a sustainable business award winner. We continue to make progress daily in every decision as it relates to being efficient. Our people are the lifeline, our planet is important to nurture and our profit is the reward for doing the right thing. Triad Cleaning Solutions serves its clients in the auto dealership industry, healthcare field and commercial office building space with a sustainable mindset for the long term,” shared Andrew Schaberg, GM of Triad and 2014 award winner.

“We reach deep into the community to recognize and connect the leaders in sustainability.  It is our passion and goal to serve as the foremost organization in the Tampa Bay Region for business leaders who embrace the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet and Profit,” said Herb Goetschius, Chair of the Sustainable Business Awards and SBC Board Member.

If your company or a company you know strives to be good corporate citizens, they may be eligible for the distinction of a sustainable business award in Tampa Bay, please contact us for further details and a nomination form.  The University of Tampa team of business students will conduct interviews and assist in completing the nomination and selection process.

About the Sustainable Business Coalition: The mission of the Sustainable Business Coalition of Tampa, Inc. is to support development of a sustainable economy in the Tampa Bay area by promoting and educating businesses about sustainable business practices that align profitability with environmental and social responsibility for the advancement of People, Planet & Profit. www.sbctampa.org

About the University of Tampa Center for Ethics:  The mission of the Center for Ethics is to provide educational and professional resources to promote ethical systems and individual responsibility in the academic and greater business community through close interaction with the University. www.ut.edu/centerforethics/

About the Sustany® Foundation: Founded in 2007, Sustany® supports sustainability through education and programs which advance economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. They strive to be the leading facilitator of sustainability through efficient and effective aggregation and investment of resources for Tampa Bay’s citizens today and into the future.  www.sustany.org