Bayside Engineering – Tampa’s First Green Business Designee

by Alison Lueders, Great Green Editing

This week we highlight the eleventh local company that has achieved the City of Tampa’s Green Business Designation. It’s Bayside Engineering, a civil engineering and surveying/mapping firm founded in 1994.

Bayside Engineering logo

Bayside Engineering holds the distinction of being the first company in Tampa to receive the Green Business Designation back in 2009.

Their Sustainable Practices include:

  • Recycling paper. As an engineering and surveying firm, they produce a LOT of plans, reports and maps on paper. So they are very committed to recycling paper. As an example, they moved to a new office last month. In preparation, they filled over 20 26-gallon City of Tampa recycling bins. They also use recycled paper where possible.
  • Using reusable/recyclable tableware. Bayside uses coffee mugs in lieu of Styrofoam cups, as well as plates and cutlery that are both recycled and recyclable. For example, cutlery that is made from corn starch!
  • Reusing furniture and equipment. When they moved from one old renovated brick warehouse in the Channel District to another in 2006, they re-used lighting fixtures, millwork, and other furnishings from the previous location. It was a veritable showcase of re-use for commercial/office space.

Business Results include:

  • Cost savings. This is the most tangible economic benefit from their sustainability efforts.
  • Employee engagement.  As Kimberlee De Bosier, Bayside Engineering’s CEO says, “You can’t put a price on the good feelings that come from environmental stewardship!”

Looking Ahead

Bayside Engineering is not resting on its laurels. As they look to the future, their plans include:

  • Expansion. In 2013, their client focus is on expansion into new geographic districts with one of their premier clients – the Florida Department of Transportation.
  • Going paperless.  In 2014, they plan to eliminate all paper files by moving to totally electronic records.

We salute Bayside Engineering for leading the way to greener business in Tampa Bay!

For more information about the Green Business Designation Program, contact Janet Harrison at 813-470-5055.