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Community Gardens Matching Fund

Please complete the following application for consideration for community garden start-up funding.

Matching Fund Application

Please provide the following information in your application. Incomplete applications may be excluded from consideration.


1) Mission and purpose; 2) Year the organization was founded; 3) Description of organization’s current activities; 4) Does your organization have any known connections to the Sustany Foundation or its members?


1) Description of specific project or program for which funding is being requested, and explanation of whether program is new, or an enhancement to an existing project; 2) Project timeline; 3) Evaluation procedures for project; 4) Describe community need/population served through project.


1) Budget request. Provide expenditure detail and explanation of any additional funds to be leveraged for the project. Applicants are encouraged to research the exact products to be purchased and cost and include that information in the budget. 2) What other funding sources are providing financial support for the project? Please list. 3) Describe network of support that you have established (individuals, organizations, etc.) 4) What is the proposed project’s impact?


1) Copy of 501(c)3 document, including date and place of incorporation. (one year minimum preferred). OR Verification of institution status as a school, civic organization, faith-based organization, garden club, or homeowner’s association. 2) List of current Board Members. 3) Current budget. 4) Completed ten steps for starting a community garden


1) Annual Report. 2) Marketing materials for organization or program.