Eat, Drink and Be Sustainable – at Anise Global Gastrobar

Anise Global Gastrobar is in downtown Tampa
Anise Global Gastrobar is in downtown Tampa

by Alison Lueders, Great Green Editing

The 6th Annual Sustany® Buzz is happening on November 7, 2013. Get your tickets now!

In celebration of this bigger-than-ever event, we are proud to profile some of our vendors. Their practices show the many ways there are to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world right now.

This week we feature Anise Global Gastrobar. This Tampa-based restaurant was founded by Kevin and “Sing” Hurt in March 2013. It features a full menu and bar, as well as “light bites”, brunch and late night dining.

Under the care of their partner, Ro Patel, the bar offers a wide array of premium spirits that go into their classic and contemporary-inspired cocktail list. There is locally brewed beer on tap – most in limited-edition, small batch kegs. And there’s a diverse and interesting wine list.

Enjoying food and drink, sustainably

Food operations – from farms to restaurants – have a big environmental impact. Knowing this, the staff at Anise Global Gastrobar:

  • Recycle – they use recyclable and biodegradable take-out boxes, bags and “to go” cups. When the last bite is eaten, and the container is thrown away, it won’t pollute the environment.
  • Use locally farmed ingredients.  These include green papaya and kaffir lime leaves. In addition to tasting fresher, local ingredients have lower greenhouse gas emissions because they aren’t shipped far.
  • Use LED lighting. Anise has an LED back-lit bar. The LED (light-emitting diode) lights are beautiful, and have many advantages over incandescent bulbs, including lower energy consumption, longer lives, smaller size and faster switching.

Don’t miss the VIP Package

Ro Patel, Restauranter/Bar Consultant, will be at the Buzz, creating seasonal and fun cocktails with fresh ingredients, just for you. The VIP ticket also gives you an e-boat ride on the river, a private lounge area, valet parking, an opportunity to shop at the Buzz Market, and a special Sustany® gift. Take home Ro Patel’s cocktail recipe cards too!

Why Anise supports Sustany®

Anise Global Gastrobar  is looking forward to making the Sustany® Buzz a truly special event. According to “Sing” Hurt, “We proudly support the efforts of the community, especially when it comes to helping preserve our environment.” I’m there! How about you?

Tickets are available now.