eBoats Tampa – Anchors Aweigh!

by Alison Lueders, Great Green Editing

It’s just 5 weekends until the 6th Annual Sustany® Buzz  on November 7, 2013. Get your tickets now!

In celebration of this bigger-than-ever event, we are proud to profile some of our vendors. Their practices show the many ways to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world right now.

eBoats Tampa offers battery-powered boat rides
eBoats Tampa offers battery-powered boat rides

This week we highlight eBoats Tampa. This new business was founded in 2012 by Anndrea and Josh Dohring. It is  located at the Tampa Convention Center Docks in front of the Sail Pavilion. One of the special perks for VIP Ticket holders at the Buzz is an eBoat ride on the Hillsborough river!

Beautiful, quiet, sustainable transportation

According to a 2011 Pew Center for Global Climate Change report, transportation in all its forms in the U.S. accounts for about 27% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Recreational boating accounts for only 0.9 % of U.S. GHG emissions – a far smaller carbon footprint compared to cars. But the main reasons to enjoy an eBoat ride are:

 The quiet. An eBoat has an electric battery. There is no noisy combustion engine to rev. And since the eBoats cruise along at no more than 6 MPH they are safer and less disturbing for marine life.

The fresh air. There are no fumes and no carbon emissions from an eBoat, beyond those related to charging the battery.

The scenery. All of these qualities create a relaxing environment where guests can truly get away and connect with nature – in the heart of the city!

Sustainable business is profitable business

One of the misconceptions about green business is that they can’t compete with traditional businesses. But according to Anndrea, eBoats Tampa:

  • Is cost-competitive. “We are able to provide a consistent and competitive price structure that is not affected by rising fuel costs.”
  • Has little competition. “We offer a unique product that has no comparables in the downtown Tampa market.”
  • Meets rising demand in Tampa for being responsible for the environment.  “We help people feel better about how they enjoy the water, and as a result we are selected over similar recreational activities on the waterfront.”

Why eBoats Tampa Supports the Sustany® Foundation

Says Anndrea, “Our vision is in tune with the Sustany® Foundation and the Sustainable Buzz event. We have always been strong advocates for local independent businesses in the Tampa Bay area.  We started eBoats Tampa to activate the waterfront by creating a recreational amenity in downtown Tampa  that encourages people to feel close to nature while experiencing the urban landscape. “

“(eBoats) leave little impact on the environment and are accessible to everyone.  We also strive to be stewards of the waterways by partnering with community programs to keep our waterways clean and the ecology healthy. In the same way that organizations adopt a highway, eBoats Tampa has adopted the waterway from the Tampa Convention Center up the Hillsborough River to the Heights property.”

All I can say is “Anchors aweigh!”