Record Tree Planting Is a Success!

We did it. Thanks For Rooting For Us!

As we come out of the Covid Crisis, we are hard-pressed to find someone
who does not see planting a tree as a good thing. This month, 250 people
found a creative way to do good by planting over 20,000 trees!

A tree on its own is good, but an entire ecosystem of them is great. So
too are the people who helped us take action to plant shade and hope.
We are so grateful to everyone whose hard work will ensure the Lower
Green Swamp Nature Preserve’s long-term ecosystem will flourish for
generations to come.

Number of saplings planted: 20,000
Community Partners: 11+
Community Response: 250+ Volunteers
Volunteer Hours: 1,950 Hours
Number of Acres Planted: 80
Number of Upcycled T-shirts: 200 commemorative shirts
Number of Upcycled Bandanas: 150 neck-cooling bandanas