Elevating the Judging Process: Sustainable Business Awards 2023

It’s that time of the year again, and at Sustany, we’re buzzing with excitement as we approach the grand finale of the Sustainable Business Awards 2023. But this year, there’s something extra special. We’ve overhauled and meticulously refined our judging process, and we want to share the exhilarating journey with you!

Nomination to Finalization: A Transparent Walkthrough


      1. Community-Centered Nominations: Each business’s journey starts with a nod from you, our community. Recognizing green champions among us, we rely on community nominations to bring forward the best in sustainability.

      1. Anonymity at the Heart: Objectivity is paramount. We strip away identifiers from applications, ensuring that each nominee stands solely on the merit of their sustainable practices, free from potential biases.

      1. Triple-Checked Preliminaries: Our applications pass through the discerning eyes of three sustainability mavens. Each nominee is rigorously assessed by individuals deeply entrenched in sustainability, be it via the esteemed Patel College of Sustainability or community-based sustainable initiatives.

      1. On-Site Verification: We believe in seeing to believe. Our program team visits each finalist, witnessing their sustainable operations firsthand and ensuring authenticity in claims.

      1. Expert Eyes on the Prize: Our Expert Judging Panel meticulously sifts through every piece of information, from applications to site visit observations. With unparalleled expertise, they bear the prestigious task of recognizing and celebrating our sustainability champions.

    Stepping into the Judge’s Shoes

    In mid-October, our distinguished panel immersed themselves in the inspiring journeys of Startups, Small, and Medium businesses. By the 25th, they had delved deep into the narratives of the Large and Extra-Large categories. Our judges’ sessions were characterized by comprehensive discussions, where each comment was grounded in vast expertise and every viewpoint backed with solid reasoning. Their collective commitment and thoughtful analysis were put to the test, especially as this year’s applications were notably thorough, incredibly competitive, and truly impressive! We are immensely grateful for their unwavering dedication and the depth of insight they brought to this year’s awards.

    Judging Beyond the Surface

    At Sustany, we champion businesses that embody sustainability at their core. It’s not just about operations; it’s about genuine impact, innovative approaches, and authenticity in every green stride they make. Our judges, armed with a well-defined rubric, ensure that their evaluations are a blend of meticulous observation and the ethos that Sustany upholds.

    Confidentiality & Integrity

    We’ve laid emphasis on the sanctity of our process. The deliberations, the materials, the very essence of the judging remains confidential, ensuring that the procedure remains pristine.

    Why the Refinement?

    Every year, we aim to do better, to rise higher, and to push our standards a notch above. This enhancement in our judging process ensures that we continue to recognize businesses that are not just talking the talk but walking the sustainability walk. Businesses that set the gold standard and inspire others to follow suit. Because at the end of the day, it’s about honoring those who genuinely make our community and world a better, greener place.

    With the Sustainable Business Awards 2023, Sustany is setting a precedent, not just in recognizing excellence in sustainability but in ensuring that the process of recognition is as impeccable as the businesses we honor. Here’s to a greener future, built on authenticity, innovation, and impact!