Go Green in 2014! Eco-Friendly Resolutions as Seen on Fox13

On Sunday, January 5th, Jenna Civitello shared eco-friendly resolutions with Lindsay Milbourne of Fox13 on Good Day Tampa Bay. Learn more about her tips and go green in 2014!

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Recycle. It’s easier than ever now. The City of Tampa has larger recycling containers that can be rolled to the curb. Also recycling is now “single stream.” That means you don’t have to sort the paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, and metal.

Save energy at home. Turn off the lights or fans when you leave a room. Replace old incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs which save electricity, remain cool and save money on replacement costs (lasting over 10 times longer).

Spread the word to businesses.  SBP_FinalLogoEncourage your employer, favorite restaurant, or local businesses to recycle, conserve energy and compost food waste. Sustany®’s Sustainable Business Program offers businesses a 12-week workshop in which sustainability specialists guide them through a sustainability audit. Based on audit results, businesses will learn how to implement best practices that improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and increase profitability. Visit sustanygreenbusiness.com

Bike, walk and take the stairs during your work day. Bring a pair of walking shoes to work so you can walk to lunch or to meetings a few blocks away. Consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator if your meeting is just a few floors away. Even a little physical activity during your workday can go a long way in increasing your motivation and productivity and improving your health. Plus it saves traffic congestion and emissions.

Volunteer for a local cause. Get involved with a local project to strengthen our Tampa Bay community. Whether it is leading a neighborhood beautification project, restocking a food pantry, or mentoring children, we all benefit from a vibrant community. Volunteer with your friends and family to make it a fun outing!

commyounitylogoHave a project idea? Take the next step and go to volunteer.sustany.org to champion your own volunteer day, promote registration through social media, and partner with a nonprofit to accomplish your goal.

Grow your own herbs and eat less meat. It doesn’t get more local than your own backyard. Growing your own herbs and vegetables means they will be pesticide-free, fresh, and are much more inexpensive than buying them from a grocery store. Also consider cutting back on your meat consumption. Compared to other foods, meat is more energy-intensive and has a variety of negative environmental impacts.  If you want to taste more local and fresh food options, be sure to check out Sustany®’s Sustainable Buzz at the Straz next fall!

Bring your own bag and mug. Reduce the waste of plastic bags and add the convenience of sturdy bags with handles that go over your shoulder. If you typically get coffee every workday, then bringing your own mug could save over 250 Styrofoam cups from the landfill a year. Consider using a “signature mug” that says something about you, like the logo of your Alma Mater or a nonprofit that you support.  It can be a great conversation starter.

 Eco Green Resolutions