Summer Camp

In collaboration with the Natures’ Academy, and the Brenda Gregory Young Artist School, Sustany® participated in Tampa Bay area YMCA outreach and on-site camp programs that help enrich the lives of students by building awareness of the arts and the environment.

Learn about sustainable practices!
Take a closer look at nature in Tampa Bay!
Get outside and enjoy our environment!
See how clean, green and sustainable fit together!

The Sustany® Foundation and the Tampa Bay Bob Sierra YMCA are partner this summer on several YMCA youth camps. Brenda Gregory, a local Tampa artist who developed a recycled art curriculum, and Nature’s Academy, Inc. were instructors for the YMCA’s summer camp for 2010. In 2011, Sustany® plans to offer its own “Sustainable Summer Camp” as an exclusive offering in the YMCA’s summer camp program.


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Membership of The Sustany® Foundation includes a charitable contribution to support our social and sustainable efforts

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