2022 Sustainable Buzz/Business Award Winners

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Jan Roberts Sustainable Business Leadership Award

Jan Roberts, founder of Earth Charter US

Jan Roberts has been a changemaker for economic, social, and environmental justice for over 45 years. Since 2013, she has been an independent filmmaker focused on documenting systemic solutions for the wellbeing of people and the planet. Her documentary, UNDAUNTED, is in production and features Native and Black Changemakers and their allies putting traditional values for “all life is connected” and “wealth is more than money” into wealth building initiatives on reservations and in cities.  UNDAUNTED has been recognized as a “Hot Film in the Making” by From the Heart Productions in California.

Previously, Jan served as an NGO Delegate to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development and founded Earth Charter U.S. to support community organizers in their local sustainability efforts. She was invited by Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the Soviet Union, to the global launch of the Earth Charter where she was recognized as the leader of the grassroots movement in the U.S. As an adjunct professor in the College of Business at UT, she launched the “Sustainable Business Awards” in 2007, which is the precursor for this event today.

What's this Zero Waste Buzz all about?

We’ve put together what can only be described as a zero-waste dream team! We found a local supplier of plant-based compostable wares, such as plates, utensils and cups, and agreed to provide these to our vendors. We also  consulted with the event staff and vendors in advance to guide them on how to reduce waste.

During the event, all waste, including liquids, will be collected and sorted into recyclables, compost or trash at staffed collection points. At the end of the evening, everything will be measured, weighed, analyzed and processed accordingly.