Two Welcome Additions – Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s

by Alison Lueders, Great Green Editing

Two big name grocery stores have arrived to meet the demand for more organic, non-genetically-modified, and sustainably-sourced foods.

The first is Trader Joe’s in Sarasota, which just opened last week. If the Tampa Bay Times is correct, the first shoppers through the door on opening day were from – Tampa. This California-based chain says it plans to come to Tampa, but there is no deal on a location. Driving that far for good food, unless perhaps you are carpooling using your hybrid vehicle, is probably not advisable. (But I do find myself fantasizing about light rail lines between Tampa and Sarasota.)

The second, a little closer to home, is Whole Foods. This store in Carrollwood on Northdale Boulevard has been under construction for months and is slated to open on November 1.

Unfortunately, they removed some grand, old, CO2-gulping trees in the median to make room for – you guessed it – more traffic. While keeping traffic flowing is important, Whole Foods might consider replanting MORE trees than they chopped down. Giving up a few parking spaces to create a green space where people can sit, eat, and take time out from their busy days seems in keeping with their mission.

Whole Foods is a poster child for sustainable business – check out the “Mission and Values” page on their website. How often do you see a business with a page devoted to topics like “Environmental Stewardship”, “Organic Farming”, and “Sustainable Seafood” ? And lest you think Whole Foods is only for granola-chomping, latte-sipping weenies, check out the jobs that will come with this store. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, 150 jobs ranging from cashiers on up will be available. There will be a 2-day job fair in late September to fill those positions.

See you in line on opening day!