UT Students Host “From the Ground Up” and Get Special Ticket Price for the Buzz

by Alison Lueders, Great Green Editing

The 6th Annual Sustainable Buzz is right around the corner on November 7, 2013. Buy your tickets now!

If you are a University of Tampa student, you can purchase Buzz tickets for the special price of just $15. (That’s more than half off.) But they’ll only be available at the “From the Ground Up” event at UT at 9 am on November 7. All other students can purchase tickets online for $20 and will need to show their student ID at Buzz registration.

UT's Student Environmental Action Coalition hosts the event.
UT’s Student Environmental Action Coalition hosts the event.

From the Ground Up

UT’s Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) is hosting a breakfast conference, “From the Ground Up” (FTGU), which will focus on sustainable business practices in the food and restaurant industry. Speakers include Emily Rankin of Local Roots, Phil Reasons of Morning Star Fishermen, and Farmer Dave. The event is open to the public.

Each speaker will talk about their individual role in a sustainable business. There will be time for questions. Attendees will learn more about sustainable practices in the food industry, and hopefully be inspired to bring some of those practices to their current or future business endeavors.

SEAC is working with Sodexo, the on-campus food provider, to include local foods and possibly some organic items in the breakfast menu. There will be recycling at the event.

University of Tampa and Sustainability

While UT has a history of supporting sustainability initiatives, the “From the Ground Up” event is new this year. The Student Environmental Action Coalition focused last year on increasing access to recycling on campus by working with student government. They also hosted a Sustainability Fest with live music to promote their “boycott the bottle” campaign.

This year SEAC continues to reduce plastic and support the “boycott the bottle” campaign. They’ve also planned another event called “What’s your gympact?” McNiff Fitness Center patrons can calculate how many paper towels and water bottles they can replace per week by using reusable products instead. They will receive a free water bottle or gym towel for participating.

Why SEAC supports the Sustany® Foundation

Both SEAC and the Sustany® Foundation strive to reduce the local community’s impact on the environment. SEAC especially appreciates Sustany®’s focus on education as a main method of change on campus. Says Lizzy Gallagher, President of SEAC, “SEAC is a group of students that strives to increase campus sustainability, and the Sustany® Foundation is able to apply those values on a larger scale.”

So if you’re a UT student, grab those Sustainable Buzz tickets at the “From the Ground Up” breakfast on November 7. And remember to leave room for nibbles at the Buzz itself!