WMNF to Cut Environmental News

WMNF is the decades-old Community Radio Station in Tampa, broadcasting alternative music and news programming at 88.5 FM. The mission statement specifically includes non-mainstream points of view on environmentalism:

“Our news and public affairs programming emphasize controversial, neglected, and non-mainstream points of view on important local as well as national or world issues, illuminating our values particularly regarding peace, human rights, and environmentalism.”

To meet the intent of that mission, WMNF helped to establish Free Speech Radio News (FSRN) as a global news source, providing staff and facilities to ensure the success of the fledgling news service.   With reporters around the world, FSRN indeed lives up to the promise of solid, thoughtful news and information, like this Interview with Verdana Shiva on Sustainability:

Recently announced changes to WMNF program will reduce the public affairs programming and eliminate FSRN from the airwaves in Tampa Bay.  As the only source of news on many environmental topics too controversial or complicated for other stations to even consider, the loss of FSRN will significantly reduce free public access to environmental news and the ideas, challenges and successes of sustainably oriented people in other parts of the world.

WMNF will be considering these program changes this week.  Call 813-238-8001 to express your opinion on these proposed changes.