Sustainable Business Awards


The Sustainable Business Awards is an annual event that, since 2008, has recognized and honored for-profit businesses in the Tampa Bay Area that engage in practices that not only increase economic opportunities but also improve the environment and community.

The Sustainable Business Awards is held annually in partnership with the Center for Ethics at the University of Tampa. The Awards luncheon will be held at the University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center on Friday, April 29 starting at 11:30 a.m. During the event, large, medium and small businesses are recognized for their contributions to building a sustainable economy in Tampa Bay. Criteria development and business evaluation is accomplished by University of Tampa MBA students under the guidance of The Sustany Foundation and UT faculty in the Sykes College of Business.

The criteria for a Sustainable Business Award include:

A company that strives to be a good citizen of the Tampa Bay community through programs to improve work environment, employee benefits, community infrastructure, and charitable outreach programs.

A company with economic performance that contributes to the overall economic health of Tampa Bay through local hiring or purchasing, product/service innovation based on customer needs, employment growth and reinvestment.

A company that is engaged in contributing to the environmental health of the Tampa Bay area through programs to reduce waste, energy audits, recycling, reduction of the use of toxic substances in operations and/or LEED construction.

Friday, April 29 at 11:30am
at the University of Tampa, Vaughn Center
401 West Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 

Thank you to all the Winners, Sponsors and Guests for making our 2016 Sustainable Business Awards a great success!  Check back for photos soon!

2016 Sustainable Business Award Winners

SBAP 2016 (206)

Large Business Category

  • 16hyland
  • 16pnc

Medium Business Category

  • 16micro
  • 16smith

Small Business Category

  • 16aroundthebend
  • 16bambu
  • 16baymulch
  • 16bigsea
  • 16-conex
  • 16esmart
  • 16-model
  • 16northstar
  • 16tembo
  • 16barmethod
  • 16verde


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