Craft Beer Lovers – Don’t Miss the Sustainable Buzz!

by Alison Lueders, Great Green Editing

The countdown continues to the 6th Annual Sustainable Buzz  on November 7, 2013. Get your tickets now!

In celebration of this bigger-than-ever event, we are proud to profile some of our vendors. Their practices show the many ways to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world right now.

Local craft beer makes a party special

Brewers' Tasting Room makes local craft beer.
Brewers’ Tasting Room makes local craft beer.

This week we highlight Brewers’ Tasting Room (BTR). This business was founded in 2012 by Rick and Michelle Wolfe. It is  located in St. Petersburg, FL. BTR helps brewers throughout the Tampa Bay area create and deliver new craft beers to the market. They provide aspiring brewers with the best ingredients and the best equipment for creating their favorite beer. And then they offer that unique beer to customers at BTR.

Most people would agree that a party’s not a party without beer. But the Sustainable Buzz will feature one-of-a-kind craft beers from BTR – and that will make for a very special party.

99 bottles of beer, with a twist of sustainability

Brewers’ Tasting Room offers a staggering variety of craft beer choices, as well as wines and food. But they also quietly fold sustainable practices into their business by:

  • Recycling. BTR uses spent grain to make other food products, like waffles.
  • Re-using. BTR re-purposes glass bottles by giving them to home brewers who use them to bottle their own beer.
  • Green cleaning. BTR uses cleaning supplies that aren’t harmful to the environment.

Greener businesses often take these sorts of “behind-the-scenes” actions, but don’t think to mention them. So we mention it for them here! Says Rick Wolfe, “I do believe our customers appreciate our efforts and therefore support us.”

Why Brewers’  Tasting Room supports Sustany®

In keeping with the “Locavore” theme of the Sustainable Buzz, Brewers’ Tasting Room happily supports Sustany® because Sustany® “supports good, local beer.” ‘Nuf said.