EcoAsset Solutions – Getting Sustainability Done

by Alison Lueders, Great Green Editing

This is the sixth in our series about local companies that have achieved the City of Tampa’s Green Business Designation. This week we highlight EcoAsset Solutions, a sustainability firm whose mission is to prove the value of sustainability for clients. They focus on two of the most challenging aspects of sustainability: data management and stakeholder/employee management. They deliver their solution through CloudApps Sustainability Suite, a result of the strategic partnership they formed with the UK-based company in 2012. EcoAsset Solutions has been in business since 2008 and received their designation in 2010.


Sustainable Practices

While EcoAsset Solutions is a small firm, they have an out-sized impact on sustainability in the Tampa Bay area, through their own actions and by actively raising the level of awareness around the benefits of sustainable business practices. For example:

  • Minimizing energy use and waster creation. Although EcoAsset Solutions is a tenant in an office building, they treat energy and waste disposal as if they were their own, turning off lights and using their recycling resources to help reduce waste.
  • Supporting the GBD program. Their Sustainability managers lend pro-bono support to the City of Tampa Green Business Designation Program. They are also currently developing a program to educate local business leaders on sustainable business practices.
  • Giving back. As individuals, the employees give back to the community through various Board positions. Through all of these activities, they keep their sustainable focus, leveraging their resources to help not only the community but their clients as well.

Business Results

According to Janet Harrison, Account Executive at EcoAsset Solutions, “Sustainability is our business, not only in terms of how we operate, but in the services, advice and deliverables we create for our clients.”

  • Making it cool. In 2012, they formed a strategic partnership with CloudApps, a UK-based company, to deliver their sustainability management system to the US market. To truly connect people with sustainable practices, they strive to make sustainability “cool” and engaging.One way they do this is through the CloudApps iPhone app, SuMo.  SuMo connects people globally, aligns them behind an organization’s goals, and creates a community centered on sustainable awareness. Gently nudging employees’ positive behavioral change across the entire organization benefits the planet and improves the profitability of the company as well.
  • Measuring results. By providing tools to track the performance of sustainable-focused activities, EcoAssets helps clients uncover additional revenue and drive value from their sustainability investments.

Looking Ahead

  • For 2013, they are focusing on delivering SuMo and CloudApps to the US market. The goal is to take sustainability data out of spreadsheets and connect with every level within an organization in a meaningful and productive way – not just through data, but also by connecting through mobile devices in a very personal way.
  • They will be helping not only universities connect with students, but larger organizations connect with their employees and supply chains using SuMo.
  • They also aim to triple the number of City of Tampa Designees this year.

If your Tampa-based company is ready to reap the benefits of sustainable business practices, contact Janet Harrison at 813-470-5055.