Evergreen Schools Alliance

About the EverGreen Schools Alliance (EGSA)

From enhancing schools’ connections to community development initiatives to implementing energy conservation strategies to help their reduce carbon footprints, Sustany®’s EGSA works with Bay area schools and districts to become more sustainable.

Sustany® is a proud supporter of Nature’s Academy, a non-profit environmental educational company based in the greater Tampa Bay area. In 2013, the Sustany® Foundation sponsored science literacy projects at Nature’s Academy for Palmetto and McNeal elementary schools.

Past EverGreen Schools Alliance Projects

Recycling– The Sustany® Foundation started a school recycling partnership with Hillsborough County Schools. During the 2009-10 school year, Sustany® hosted 5 public forums in collaboration with Hillsborough County Schools providing input and recommendations to the development of a school recycling program, adopted fall 2010.

Beautification– Sustany® participated in the Tampa Clean City Day 2010 Planning Committee for the City of Tampa project to clean up and beautify the City.

Water Education– In 2009 and 2010, Sustany® received SWFWMD Community Education Grants totaling $10,000.00 to focus on Bay area water-related projects. Our competition for student projects inspired many students to come up with creative ways to address sustainability issues. The winners were put on display at the Tampa Bay History Center.