Seventh Meeting of the Consultative Committee of Experts: Part III

            As the last day drew to a close, the Consultative Committee finalized its reports and used its individual work groups to establish potential recommendations for the Conference of the Parties. The work groups will continue to draft resolutions the Convention can consider at its Conference next summer. Unfortunately, in leaving time for the closing

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The Seventh Meeting of the Consultative Committee of Experts: Part II

The second part of meeting of the Consultative Committee began with a review of recent scientific analysis that could become part of resolutions and agreements passed by the Sea Turtle Convention in its next Conference, summer 2015. The science report showed that plastic is the most dangerous pollutant or activity to sea turtles as a

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Changing the Lights for Non-Profits

At the Sea Turtle Initiative reception held at USF St. Petersburg, many of the city’s advocates of sustainable and ecologically conscious development traded and shared ideas for new projects and possibilities. One of the most interesting was inspired by the Sunshine City’s need for improved energy conservation, especially through the summer months. For Dr. Peter

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An Evening on the Town

After the first day of the Consultative Committee’s 7th Meeting had drawn to a close, participants returned to their hotels before heading to downtown St. Petersburg and the University of South Florida Bayboro campus. There, in the lobby of the Bill Young building, Stetson and other community members welcomed the Committee members to Tampa Bay

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The Seventh Meeting of the Consultative Committee of Experts: Part I

The participants of the seventh meeting of the Consultative Committee arrived from across the United States and the Southern Americas to gather in Stetson’s great hall. The meeting began with a gracious welcome delivered by Stetson’s Associate Dean, Theresa Radwan, wishing the members a successful and productive meeting. The Committee Chair, Paul Hoetjes, from the

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Students Hear Secretariat’s Sea Turtle Lecture

Ms. Veronica Caceres, Sea Turtle Secretariat, wanted to share her message of endangered sea turtles as shared natural resources of all coastal countries. Consequently, she accepted an invitation to be a guest lecturer at Shorecrest Preparatory School. She hoped to offer high school students insight into the workings of an international treaty organization and to

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Sea Turtle Protection Advice

Following the Sea Turtle Symposium, Ms. Veronica Caceres, the International Sea Turtle Secretariat, distributed her list of pointers for beach visitors interested in the protection of sea turtles. She encouraged those in the Stetson audience to both enjoy and volunteer to protect hatching sea turtles—an exciting and moving experience. She cautioned, however, that the greatest

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The Successful Sea Turtle Symposium at Stetson

          Prior to the Consultative Committee’s meeting, Ms. Veronica Caceres, the treaty Secretariat Pro-Tempore, came to visit St. Petersburg’s Stetson University to participate in the Sea Turtle Symposium held by the university’s law school. The event’s moderator Professor Roy Gardner, who spearheaded the project, created a forum of five speakers to

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Inter-American Sea Turtle Convention and Secretariat Visit Tampa Bay this Summer

  As long-time readers of Sustany®’s blogs may recall, last summer was an interesting time for the Tampa Bay area’s marine interests and their relationship with the Inter-American Sea Turtle Convention. The Inter-American Sea Turtle Convention, or IAC, is an international organization based on a treaty between fifteen Contracting Parties dedicated to the conservation of

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The Economist Weighs “The Cost of Doing Nothing”

From The Economist: [It was] the hottest May ever, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The world’s average surface temperature was 0.74°C above its 20th-century average. Alaska was almost 2°C above its 1971-2000 level. The heat has brought American business out in a rash. Two weeks after President Barack Obama proposed new rules ordering

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